Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring on the cinnamon hearts and pink cupcakes!

I  FINALLY, the finished wreath!

I wish I'd tracked the hours it took to make this frilly beast of a wreath. Crochet Crowd's Mikey said it was a 6 or 7 hour project, but he was wise enough to use a worsted weight yarn to create the original Christmas version he designed. Patons Astra, which I chose for the sentimental my-mom-made-a-sweater-out-of-it-for-my-dad reason I mentioned before, is a DK weight yarn. That means it took more stitches to fill up the frame. Hundreds and hundreds of seemingly endless, eye-crossing stitches...

But I'm very happy with the way it turned out, so all's well that end's well! If you don't count the ocular migraine, of course.

It took one wire coat hanger and three full balls of Astra, plus what amounts to probably another 3/4 of a ball of random red yarn scraps that I had to scrounge through my stash to find in order to complete the project. It's hard to tell, but in addition to the Astra there's some Bernat Satin and a little bit of Canadiana mixed in here.

It takes a village.

And now back to that abandoned sweater still missing its sides and sleeves...


  1. Very cute - and what an excellent reminder of your dad!

  2. This is so pretty!!

    I had an ocular migraine once. Didn't realize that's what it was until many years later -- a work friend had one, went to the dr & learned that's what she had, and when I started reading about it, I realized I'd had one. When dh called in a panic one day & told me he was seeing these weird pulsing lights, I knew what it probably was (& it was). Hope yours didn't last too long -- they can be scary!